Wanita yang ceria ini menikah dengan pria kulit putih. Kini Nia, begitu panggilan Gustinia Farida,  bermukim di Australia. Selain melanjutkan pendidikan, ia juga mengelola komunitas Indonesian Care di sana.

A little boy 1st “cucu” has arrived


The lightning has struck my chest

The coming of an angel, we were blessed

My hopes and prayers for a “cucu”

God has answered, my dreams come true


30 March ‘17 our grandson has arrived

Two tiny hands, such little feet, I was mesmerized

The purest eyes shining to the skies

Your voice, softer than the lullabies


Surrounded by those who have just seen a miracle

Mommy, Daddy, Oma, Opa, Aunty, Uncle

In our arms, you rested

We felt feelings we never knew existed


Our little grandson has changed our world

A new meaning to life and purpose we discovered

With you our lives feel complete, it is whole

It’s yours to keep, our heart and soul



You’re growing so quick and no matter how fast life goes by

Always remember, there are no limits, you can reach the sky

Dream big because dreams do come true

Just look what happened when I dreamt for you


 (Love you to the moon and back, always and forever

Oma Nia & Opa Harald Dauner)

Sydney, 3 March 2020


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